Omni wheel 003CR(one pack with 4pcs) ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: OW003CR
Availability: 998


outer dia:48mm

inner dia:4mm


Pack with screws, no hub needed.


One pack include:

omni wheel  4pcs 

M3*20mm copper pipe 4pcs

M3*25mm screw   4pcs

M3*30mm screw   4pcs

tapping screw   4pcs

There are 4 sections in the wheel; each section has 3pcs rubber connecting each other by a 3*25mm spacer.

Each section runs smoothly on the wheel hub.

It uses high quality rubber; ensure the long life usage, strong wearing capacity.

Good friction on each side of the wheel.


Inner diameter: 4mm

1. In the packing, it comes with a 3*20mm spacer assembly in the center of the wheel, and put a long screw (not included) through the hub. Then it becomes a driving wheel.

2. Or assembly the wheel in the 4mm motor shaft.


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