8 Inch 203mm heavy duty omnidirectional 90 degree load wheel ROHS

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Nexus series 203mm load-bearing wheel 90° omni wheel provides a maximum load capacity of 100kg. Four rolling bearings are embedded in each driven sheave, and the continuously improved omnidirectional wheel product consists of a polyurethane wheel and an aluminum hub. This load-bearing omnidirectional wheel uses high-quality miniature ball bearings and rollers (imported outer polyurethane elastomer structure + inner aluminum core structure), and the entire omnidirectional wheel assembly is processed by the full CNC high-precision technology and is stable. Silence, quietness, reliability, omnidirectionality, and wear resistance all have good performances and can adapt to various environments such as indoor and outdoor. Based on omnidirectional wheel technology, which applies to service robots, trolleys, transfer conveyors, luggage, etc., omni-directional wheels will provide perfect performance when integrated with traditional wheels. At the same time with a variety of mounting sizes available to meet the user's various application needs.

Products are custom parts, we can design according to the user's needs, specifically for the different performance of the load and other aspects.

Main feature:

Diameter: 8 inches (203mm)

Axial width: 87mm

Number of sheets: 2

Number of rollers: 10

Body material: aluminum alloy

Roller material: polyurethane

Roller Bearings: Ball Bearings

Net weight: 3000g

Load capacity: 100kg

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