bench saw ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: BS001
Availability: 999

Primary and secondary schools’ lab basic equipment

Makers’ best tool



Durable, corrosion resistant, 

Compact, portable and easy to assemble


Different speed according to different mateirals.


Affordable and safe.


AC/DC power adapter for use,careful when supplying power.


Warning(read before using):

Be careful of sharp saw blade when touching it. Children mustn’t touch it for fear of be cut.


Avoid liquid waste splashing into your eyes when processing.



Don’t touch saw blade when processing.


Minors need to use it under the direction of parents.


Don’t process any metal.


Recycled paper is used for this package.


Processing materials: nonmetal such as wooden, plastic, PCB, acrylic, esc.


Remark: Don’t force to process metal as it’s dangerous to break the saw blade.


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