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 Dagu has developed its own CNC engraving machine.

Nowadays, there are kinds of engraving machines in the market. Among them, 

an industrialized engraving machine values at hundreds of thousand RMB,

which is suited at a large factory. However, our CNC engraving machine s are sold at workshops or labs, 

which are economical and basical machines.

There are following three advantages:

To enable customers to operate the CNC engraving machine easily, to reduce the problems they may meet with and to add its lifespan, 

Dagu adds a controller based on the traditional engraving machine.

 There are the following four personalities of it:

1. Easy to use: just importing the memory card which contains the G code generated by the route of the knife into the controller,

 then through scanning, setting knife, customers can begin to engrave, getting rid of the complex settings and operations of the softwares like Mach3.

2. Save resources: The traditional engraving machine is controled by the software like Mach3 in the process of working,

 which costs to finish a simple engraving. What’s more, you can’t use your computer to do anything as it may cause the failure of engraving, 

which never appears using Dagu CNC engraving machines.

3. Tiny machine: The controller’s length is 243 mm wide, width: 220 mm , height: 70 mm. It’s easy to put aside and move. 

The softwares like Mach3 can only use by connectting desktop computers, which can't put in a relatively narrow environment.

4. With stable system:As the softwares like Mach3 are installed on the computer, 

it is easily affected by system factors to produce error or to be unstable, 

while Dagu CNC controller is never affected by these factors because it is made up of specialized circuit organization and process of our company,

 completely getting rid of the influence of the computer system and ensuring its stability.


Size: 660×570×450mm

Engraving size: X/Y/Z=300/400/60mm

Max thickness: 60mm

Workbench: length*width=545×360mm

Engine frame material: 6061 drawbench stereoplasm alloy junction

Transmission: ball screw with high degree of accuracy

Stepping motor: new type 57 3A two-phase four wire with handwheel

spindle motor: new type 300W~1500W(PWM)DC electric machine with high degree of accuracy

precision of mian machine: ≤0.02mm

sow block of main machine: ER11/3.175mm

flying speed 4000mm/min

engraving speed:50~3000mm/min

location precision:>0.03mm

operating instruction:G code(tap/nc/ncc/txt document)

controlling system:2D documents can be processed directly by Mach3 after any kinds of transform through 2D software besides the transform of 3D documents to G code

working voltage:AC110/220V(50Hz)

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