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To better satify the demands of the customers, DAGU launches 3D printing service!!


It is worth mentioning our products are made based on high quality by the industrial-gradeMachine. And we are committed to provide you with cost-effective products and service!

The charge shall prevail in the bigger one,weight or volume. The basic price is 0.76-0.95USD/g for SLA. and 0.19-0.38USD/g for FDM.

The resolution of laser prototype of SLA is 0.1mm, which is applied to make products of high quality surface  , so the cost is higher. If you want to save cost , please choose FDM.  



About SLA 

◆ Max print size:450mm(length)*450mm(width)*350mm(height) 

◆ Materials: photosensitive resin

◆ Precision of the printing layer:0.075mm-0.125mm ( the default is 0.075MM)
◆ Color of printing:monochrome



  About FDM


◆ Max print size:450mm(length)*300mm(width)*300mm(height) 

◆ Materials: ABS,PLA  

◆ Precision of the printing layer:0.1mm-0.2mm ( the default is 0.1MM)

◆ Color of printing:monochrome(the default is white)











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