DC Motor 260 Motor with Wires Gear Motor Programmable Robot Accessories for STEAM Eudacaiton ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: M260
Availability: 99

260 Motor with Wires

Advantages: It's simple to operate.  It can be well used for some basic electronic diy kit, such as making fans that can rotate quickly without the resistance.



Gear diameter: 6mm, 10 teeth

Operating voltage range: 1V~3V DC

But the motor can handle a maximum load of 12VDC and a no-load speed of 6600±10%RPM (motor @1.0V, 110).

Note: Although the maximum voltage range specified in the data sheet of this motor is 3VDC, it has been tested to ensure that it can handle the maximum load of 12VDC.

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