JG AURORA Stereo Desktop 3D Printer Automatic Leveling Smart 3D Printer Coporate School Home 3D Printing ROHS

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1. Printing technology: Melt Stacking (FDM);

2. Fully enclosed chassis, stable and safe, beautiful and stylish;

3. Forming size: ≥240*220*200mm;

4. Forming platform material: Aluminum plate heating platform, heating temperature ≥ 110 degrees; magnetic suction structure, easy to remove the model;

5. Forming platform, using four-point automatic leveling method, a key operation, to ensure the absolute position of the platform;

6. Print nozzle: 0.4mm aperture, single nozzle, maximum temperature up to 205℃; adopt magnetic modular structure, easy to remove and replace;

7. One-button automatic lift built-in tray structure, easy to operate, while preventing consumables damp;

8. X Y-axis guide structure, Z-axis ball screw;

9. Independent sprinkler fan switch, independent LED lighting switch, wasy to see the print;

10. Two-extrusion structure with far and near ends, precise feeding, and one-button automatic feeding and discharging mode;

11. Supporting comsumables: PLA, ABS, TPU, PVA, wood chips, carbon fiber, gradients, etc.

12. Consumable diameter: 1.75mm;

13. Printing accuracy: 0.05-0.3;

14. XY axis positioning: 0.01mm; Z axis positioning: 0.0025mm;

15. Printing speed: 30-120mm/s;

16. Printing method: USB or U disk offline printing;

17. Input file format: STL, G-Code;

18. Environmental requirements: 5-50℃; Humidity: 20-50%;

19. Operating system: Windows, LINUX, Mac;

20. Supporting language: Chinese/English;

21. Touch type color display ≥ 4.3 inches;

22. With air filtration system, filter dust, restore fresh air;

23. Voice intelligence function, automatically guide the use of operation;

24. With APP function, remote control of 3D printers;

25. Supports continuous power-off function, broken wire alarm, paused printing, security protection, one-touch feed-return function;

26. With the function of self-consumables, the consumables are used up or the broken meterial is automatically recorded at the wrong point, and the new material can be restored to print;

27. Adopting independent research and development 3D model data processing software (slicing software) JGcreat, convenient operation experience;

28. The printer hardware and printer otherboard control software all have independent propery rights certificates. The patent and copyright owners belong to the same company, ensuring that the products are independently developed and can provide continuous upgrades and services. (Provide photocopies of various patents and software works certificates and stamp the manufacturer's official seal);

29. Products through CE, FCC, ROHS international standards certification. (Provide a copy of the certificate and stamp the manufacturer's official seal);

30. Manufacturers passed the ISO90001 quality management system certification of CQC China Quality Certification Center. (Provide a copy of the certificate and stamp the manufacturer's official seal);

31.  The government records and issues innovative small and medium-sized micro-enterprise certificates, which are affiliated with the government's key cultivation targets. (Provide a copy of the certificate and stamp the manufacturer's official seal);

32. It is an independent innovation brand and a famous Chinese brand in China. (Provide a copy of the certificate and stamp the manufacturer's official seal).

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