JG AURORA DLP Ultra High Precision 3D Printer Photosensitive Resin Industrial Grade Precision Light Curing 3D Printer Dental Jewelry Lost Wax Casting ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: E3B-3D
Availability: 99

Product specification:

Molding process: DLP light curing surface molding process

Formable materials: supporting self-developed series of photosensitive materials, such as photosensitive resin, casting resin, light-cured wax, etc.;more material color options, such as white, jade, red, orange, transparent, etc.

Equipment size: 440-382-740mm

Equipment weight: 37kg

Printing molding space: x axis is not less than 64nm, Y axis is not less than 40nm, Z axis is not less than 100mm

Projection system: UV LED light system, long life up to 50,000 hours

XY resolution: 0.1mm

Z axis printing accuracy(layer thickness): 0.01-0.1m optional

Fixed wavelength: 405nm

Operating software: Tenlog; Printing system software features: easily create job setup, submit and job queue management, automatic part placement and forming optimization tools, part stacking capabilities, part expansion editing tools, automatic support generation, job statistics reporting tools

Support structure: The world's first patented technology that automatically generates a mesh support structure with one key. The support and support are connected through a mesh structure, saving materials and making the support more stable.

Printing speed: 8-15s/layer

Compatible software: Supports all output 3D software in STL format, such as PRO/E, 3DMAX, Solidworks, UG, Geomagic, Zbrush, Catia, etc.

Support format: STL, SLC

Operating system: WIndows XP/7/10

3D printer OEM manufacturer's authorization stamped with official seal

3D printer control software computer software copyright registration certificate (copy of certificate provided and stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer)

Products through CE, FCC, ROHS internaional standards certification.(Provide a copy of the certificate and stamp the hardware manufacturer's official seal)

Manufacturers passed the China Quality Certification Center ISO9001 quality management system certification. (Provide a copy of the certificate and stamp the hardware manufacturer's official seal)

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