Dagurobot Avoidance Tracking Smart Robot Car

Brands DAGU
Product Code: HC048
Availability: 99

New Avoidance tracking Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder Battery Box 4WD Ultrasonic module kit

Are in the form of car spare parts delivery (easy to transport), with 3D installation drawings, get the hand in accordance with the drawings can be installed as long as ten minutes to complete, is very simple.

Package list:
4pcs Gear motor
4pcs 65mm wheel
4pcs Motor fixing
2pcs Car chassis plate (acrylic material)
1pcs L298N motor driver
1pcs UNO328 controller board
1pcs Holder kit
1pcs mini servo
1pcs Ultrasonic module
1pcs Tracking module
1pcs USB cable
1pcs 3D assembly drawing
Serveral pillars screw nut.

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