Gray Rover 5 Chassis With 2 Encoders ROHS

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Rover 5 is a new breed of tracked robot chassis designed specifically for students and hobbyist.

Unlike conventional tracked chassis"s the clearance can be adjusted by rotating the gearboxes in 5-degree increments.

"Stretchy" rubber treads maintain tension as the clearance is raised.

Each gearbox has an 87:1 ratio includes a hall effect quadrature encoder that gives 1000 pulses over 3 revolutions of the output shaft. The chassis can be upgraded to include four motors and encoders making it ideal for mecanum wheels.

Inside of the chassis are 4 noise suppression coils at the bottom and a battery holder that accepts 6x AA batteries. It is recommended to use NiMh batteries as they last longer and have a higher current output than.


Motor rated voltage: 7.2V

Motor stall current: 2.5A

Output shaft stall torque: 10Kg/cm

Gearbox ratio: 86.8:1

Encoder resolution: 1000 state changes per 3 wheel rotations

Speed: 1Km/hr

This product without arduino board.

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