Desktop Light Curing SLA 3D printer ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: E3A-3D
Availability: 99

Technical Parameters:

Operating temperature: 10℃~30℃

Storage temperature

Printing size: 125*125*165mm

Printing layer thickness: 0.025mm/0.05mm/0.1mm

Printing speed: 35mm/h (Z axis)

Minimum feature size: 0.3mm

Machine size: 296*275*453mm

Packing size: 245*245*410mm

Product weight: 8kg

Product gross weight: 17kg

Connection method: USB

Input: 100~240V AC,1.5A,50_60Hz; Power: 60W

Printing software: supporting software

File format: STL/OBJ

Adaptation system: Windows XP and above, Mac OSX 10.6.8 and above

Consumables parameters: Acrylic photosensitive resin(Liquid photosensitive resin)

Material color: transparent, white, black, yellow, Flexible Resin Castable Resin

Support function: Automation orientation, automation generated, easy to strip


1. Fully enclosed appearance,easy to use indoors safety.

2. Large print area to meet most customer needs.

3. Use high-precision galvanometer to print a model with high surface effect.

4. Environment resin, safe and odorless.

5. 0.069mm laser focal spot for printing smaller features models.

6. One-piece aluminum alloy construction platform, convenient and durable.

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