DGCH023 Metal tank chassis ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: DGCH023
Availability: 999

Motor :48V DC brushless motor

Working temperature :-20 ° C to 60 ° C

Rated power:880W * 2

Rated torque:45NM

Running speed:0 to 1.6 m / s

Maximum obstacle clearance:220 mm

Maximum climbing:45 degrees (can climb the stairs)

size Dimensions:1215 * 820 * 420 mm

The size of the inside :1050 * 375 * 150 mm

Chassis height:185 mm

Track width:150 mm

Ground length:660 mm

weight:115 kg

Load:100 kg


wheel aluminum

Body   Carbon steel

chain  High-quality rubber embedded Kevlar fiber

Surface treatment  Spray / part of the paint

Product description:

Development of space, driving more smoothly. Is a general-purpose crawler-type robot chassis, the whole car with Christie independent suspension design, reasonable shock absorption design to meet the higher steady demand. Internal high-torque brushless DC motor, providing a strong driving force for the chassis, the difficulties, the power surging. Precise chassis height with a reasonable power of the motor, making the model has a low center of gravity, through strong, smooth operation of heavy duty shock absorbers, etc., are widely used in complex environments of mobile robot solutions.

The main function:

Operation is simple and sensitive, greater development space, to adapt to a variety of areas of development and application;

Independent suspension system, heavy shock absorbers, climbing ability, can climb the stairs;

, Adaptive crawler belt tension.

Expand the function:

Used for patrol exploration, special shooting on the smooth demand for special equipment

Product Features:

(1) equipped with 880W DC brushless motor with reducer to provide a strong driving force, the chassis height of more than 185mm can load obstacle, climbing stairs.

(2) a very small radius of the steering, you can achieve in situ steering.

(3) The track surface is not easy to slide on the support surface, traction attachment performance, independent suspension design, the chassis car driving more smoothly.

(4) large internal storage space, can carry more equipment.

(5) versatility, support the development of non-standard product customization.


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