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DAGU Bluetooth module 2.0 controller board ROHS

DAGU Bluetooth module 2.0 controller board ROHS
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Input voltage 3.3v ~ 6v, module with 3V LDO voltage regulator

Support AT command set the baud rate, name, pair password

Search and pairing automatically when the power up

Power, link status indicator

4pin  2.54 Pitch status indicator


The default communication baud rate is 9600, matching the password is 0000 or 1234

Lights blinking when the search, When light means has been connected to the host device.


Performance parameters :

Sensitivity ( BER ) reaches -80dBm

-4> 6dBm adjustable output power

Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, 2Mbps, 3Mbps



Built-in 2.4GHz antenna user does not need to debug antenna

Built- 8Mbit FLASH

Low Voltage 3.3V Operating

Optional PIO control

Standard HCI port (UART or USB)

USB protocol : full Speed USB1.1, Compliant With 2.0)

Modules can be used as SMD chip technology

RoHS Process

Pin half hole 2.4GHZ wireless digital technology to close the transmitter

CSR BC04 l Bluetooth chip technology

Adaptive Frequency Hopping Technology

Bluetooth Class2 power level

Storage temperature : -40 to +85 degrees

Working temperature : -25 ~ +75 degrees

Hip -wave interference : 2.4MHz, transmit power 3dBm

BER : 0   but when generate a signal decay , will be error in the transmission link , such as RS232 and TTL.

Mechanical Dimensions : 34mm * 15mm * 3.2mm


AT command:

Testing Communications

  Send: AT (return OK, one second left and right once)

Returns: OK


Bluetooth serial communication baud rate change

Send: AT + BAUDI

Returns: OK1200

Send: AT + BAUD2

Returns: OK2400


BAUD1 --------- 1200

BAUD2 --------- 2400

BAUD 3 --------- 4800

BAUD 4 --------- 9600

BAUD 5 --------- 19200

BAUD 6 --------- 38400

BAUD 7 --------- 57600

BAUD 8 --------- 115200

BAUD 9 --------- 230400

BAUD A --------- 460800

BAUD B --------- 921600

BAUD C --------- 1382400


Interference causes system instability is not recommended for use in more than 115,200 baud. rate.

After setting more than 115,200 computer unusable ,use in microcontroller programming using this baud rate higher than 115200 in order to Re-issue the AT command set low baud

After the baud rate with AT command set , don’t need re- setting the baud rate the next time .

It will saved after power off automatically.


3 Bluetooth name change

Send : AT + NAMEname

Returns : OKsetname

Parameter name: The name of the current to be set , the Bluetooth name is searched . Within 20 characters .


For example: sending AT + NAMEdagu  

Return OKsetname

At this time the name of the Bluetooth bill_gates

Parameters can be powered down to save , simply modify one . PDA client refresh services can be seen after the change of the name of the Bluetooth


4 Bluetooth pairing password change


Send : AT + PINxxxx


Returns : OKsetpin


Parameter xxxx: pairing password to be set ,4 bytes. 

This command can be used slave or master .

Machine is a phone adapter or pop-up window when asked to enter a passcode from the manual input of this parameter can be connected from the machine .

Primary Bluetooth module search from the machine, if the password is correct , it is automatically paired , in addition to the main module from the module can be connected to the outer pair

other products from the module contains the pair can be connected , for example, a digital camera containing Bluetooth , Bluetooth GPS, Bluetooth serial printers , and the like.


For example: sending AT + PIN8888


 Return OKsetpin

Then the Bluetooth passkey is 8888 . Parameters can be powered down to save , simply modify once.


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