Hexapod robot chassis(controller not included) ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: RS024
Availability: 999

Magnetic servo clutches protect the servos from stripped gears.

Simple sample code for Arduino compatible controllers allows the chassis to be driven in any direction using common TV remotes.

Each kit comes in a colour printed box with English instruction manual and software on CD. Programming cable supplied separately. 


6 foot spider robot performances, science and technology section demonstrates, anniversary, technological innovation and training

Product Configuration:

1.  6 legged spider robot platform

2 .12 9g servos

 (controller not included)

USB interface and ISP socket
Built in 3A switch mode power supply (7V - 30V input)
70 IO pins with male and female headers
Support for up to 48 servos
16x10bit analog inputs
15x 8bit PWM outputs
6x External interrupt pins
4x Serial communication
Comes with Arduino boot-loader installed


6-legged (12 servos) mimic spider on the ground forward, backward, turning and other variety of actions.

Teaching Objective: C programming language or arduino with mathematical algorithm to unify the robot's six foot pace, students complete bionic spider walking movements, to give students the complexity of multi-legged robots have some programming knowledge and exercise, serve to strengthen C language or languages arduino real purpose of the exercise.

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