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Indoor Security Robot:

Baijia Security robot is a robot that can assist police to recognize and locate suspects. Its high is 130cm and weight 80kg. the robot can avoid obstacles with the help of Rplidar A2, a 360-degree laser sensor. Rplidar A2 uses laser to scan the obstacles 360 degree and up to 18 meters away around itself and then build a 2D map of its surrounding. The robot can use this map to navigate itself and avoid obstacles. Rplidar A2 can scan 8000 times per second, and it has 5 years working time. The robot also uses ultrasonic sensor to make sure it will not hit any obstacles. The robot also has a camera that built into the head of the robot. The camera can record video using network video recorder(NVR) and save it locally. The NVR also can transmit images to the router that built into the robot and then transmit images to the control center by 4G network. The robot also has face recognition function. When the camera catches a face that has record in police department, the robot will start to alarm. For the movement, the robot walking speed is adjustable, and the maximum speed is 0.6m/s. It can go up to 15-degree ramp, and the maximum avoidance is 60mm. The robot’s head can turn 270 degrees, so the camera can recorder its surrounding easily. For control, it provides tablet control and wireless controller. For the battery, it is 24 voltage lithium polymer battery, and capacity is 40AH which can provide 4 hours working time. Although the robot does a great job in detecting suspects and alarm people, it cannot replace police entirely. 

Outdoor Security Robot: 

The most different between indoor and outdoor Security Robot is that Outdoor Security Robot use a German 2D LiDAR sensor for navigation and obstacles avoidance. This sensor uses infrared ray to scan its environment. The 2D LiDAR sensor can work under various weather due to the multiple echo technique and intelligent algorithm. Its sensing distance is up to 50 meters, and only one sensor can detect up to 5,500 square meters. The protection level of the sensor is IP67, and it also has a very hard outer shell and heating device which can protect sensor from extreme cold weather. 

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