Intelligent Service Robot

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Govenment Servie Robot is a product based on the idea of “technology, evolution, intelligence → new are”, the best carrier of the Internet plus policy. Government service robot has Human-Computer Interaction function such as face recognition adn voice recognition. By loading cameras, touch screen, ID card readers, IC card readers, thermal printers, network projectors, etc., government servie robot can achieve the business functions such as usher, take numbers, consultation, business guidance, infomation inquiry, self-service scanning and payment.

The basic fuctions are voice interaction, roaming, autonomous navigation, autonomous charging, face recognition, touch screen interacton, usher interaction, information realease, location guidance, introduction and hosting, autonomous obstacle avoidance, self-construction, and network television.
Government service robot is widely used in taxation services, power services, public security law services, customs services, banking services, promotional shopping guide services and other fields. The application of robots in various fields has gradually shifted from “trial” to “practical”. The launch of a government service robot that meets market demand, reliable quality, stable performance and perfect functions will accelerate the development of the entire robot service industry.

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