Spraying robot (Wheel version) ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: HC007
Availability: 99

Name: Spraying robot (Wheel version)

Product code: HC007

Product introduction: The gantry spray robot (non-lifting version) is wirelessly controlled and unlimited life. It can be used for plant wheat and rice closely.

Special note: Water tank capacity: 200L (200kg) /2pcs

48V 3kw range extender / 1pcs

48V 600W plunger pump / 2pcs


Length: 1850mm

Width: 2000mm

Height: 1550mm

Motor Model: 48V-2KW

Height from the ground: 1000mm

Weight: 320kg

Speed: 0-6KM/h

Wheel diameter: Φ640mm 

Chassis length: 1760mm

Chassis width: 1280mm

Chassis height: 640mm

Life time: The battery lasts for 60 minutes, and the range extender can be infinitely extended.

Load: 400KG

Motor type: DC brushless motor

Battery size: 4*48V 32Ah

Control method: remote control

Obstacle resistance:  25 degree slop;

Ability to overcome obstacles: 10cm

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