A set of 60mm LEGO compatible aluminum casters ROHS

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The 60-mm mecanum wheel is the smallest in all our universal wheels. This group of 60-mm Mcnam wheels is the most innovative design of the mecanum wheel.

It is a mecanum whee l universal wheel with an NXT compatible central axis and an axis hub to connect the Arduino robotic kit and wheels, and you can also use the Universal hubs to connect wheels and motors.

It will give you more choices. Each wheel consists of 8 small rubber wheels. These shafts and rollers are sandwiched between two thick aluminum plates.

Using these sets McNum Wheel Omni-round your robot can be able to move forward/backward, move left to right, use rollers to set a 45° rotation axis parallel to the main rotation axis of the wheel, all your robot programming.

All you need to do is add your drive motor, controller and battery. Your robot project will be perfect.


Diameter: mm

Width: 31 mm

Number of rollers: 8

Number of plates: 2

Base material: aluminum alloy

Roller material: Rubber

Length of roller: 30 mm

Net weight: 86 g x4

Load capacity: 10 kg

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