A set of 4 inch 100mm mecanum wheels (4 pcs) ROHS

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This is our new mecanum wheels. The wheels can be moved forward or backward like conventional wheels. They allow the sideways to move, the spinning wheels, the front and rear axles in the opposite direction. Of course, they Both are supported at 45° rotation. These mecanum wheels are centrally mounted with roller shafts and hub connections.


This mecanum wheels central mounting roller consists of a two-part roller and the roller is always in contact with the work surface, allowing better performance on an uneven surface, having a split into two vectors, one Forward/backward and left/right. When rotating on the side of the wheel in the opposite direction, the forward and backward. And the sideways vector add up. Otherwise the results with the other two wheels are on the four anti Attached sideways carrier.

Product specification:

Outside wheel diameter: 100mm

The widest wheel width: 43 mm

Number of wheels: 9

Body material: aluminum alloy

Roller material: nylon

Net weight: 300g

Load capacity: 15KG

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