A set of 127mm light load type mecanum wheel belts(4pcs) ROHS

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Product Code: OW050
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The Nexus range of McNam wheels introduced a lightweight 127mm 45° caster with a series of rollers attached to its perimeter. The number of rollers, the profile of the rollers, the hub engineering and the diameter of the wheels are the key to a well-designed McNam wheel. Each type of caster has two rolling bearings embedded in each driven sheave, which is manufactured using a high-precision process. The continuous improvement of the universal wheel product has controlled the axial gap of the driven wheel to be within a very small range, and is particularly suitable for the drive applications of various small robots.

The omni-directional motion equipment based on the McNaum Wheel technology can realize the forward movement, lateral movement, oblique movement, rotation and combination thereof. On this basis, the all-round transportation platform is very suitable for an environment with limited space for transportation and a narrow working channel, which has a significant effect in improving the efficiency of transportation support, increasing space utilization, and reducing labor costs.

Product specification:

Width: 51 mm

Diameter: 127 mm

Number of rollers: 12

Number of sheets: 2

Body material: aluminum alloy

Roll material: Polyurethane

Net weight: 500g*4

Load capacity: 45KG

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