A set of 127mm bearing mecanum wheels ROHS

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The Nexus series McNam Wheels has introduced a new 127mm bearing 45° universal wheel. The patented driven wheelset in the support group provides a more ground-level adaptability. The wheel hub uses one-piece molding technology to maximize the strength, stiffness and precision of the entire wheel. This wheel product adopts rolling bearing design, the surface of the driven wheel is made of polyurethane material. The Mcnam wheel is compact, flexible, and is a perfect all-round Mcnam wheel for indoor and outdoor venues.

The omni-directional motion equipment based on the McNaum Wheel technology can realize the forward movement, lateral movement, oblique movement, rotation and combination thereof. On this basis, the all-round transportation platform is very suitable for an environment with limited space for transportation and a narrow working channel, which has a significant effect in improving the efficiency of transportation support, increasing space utilization, and reducing labor costs.

Product specification:

Width: 70.74 mm

Diameter: 127 mm

Number of rollers: 8

Number of sheets: 2

Body material: stainless steel

Roll material: Polyurethane

Net weight: 1.5kg*4

Load capacity: 100KG

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