8 inch 203 mm stainless steel universal wheel ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: OW047
Availability: 999

203 mm (8 in) stainless steel steel mecanum wheel The universal wheel includes 2 right wheels and 2 left wheels.

Each wheel consists of 12 nylon rollers and the entire wheel can be rotated to 45 degrees.

As well as moving forward and backward like conventional wheels,

the stainless steel mecanum wheel swivel wheel allows lateral movement of the wheel in the opposite direction of rotation before and after the axle.

These wheels are themselves a high load wheel, these shafts and rollers are sandwiched between two thick steel plates.

The roller is white nylon, and the load capacity of the stainless steel Mcnam wheel is much higher than that of the aluminum McNnam wheel.


Diameter: 203 mm

Width: 78 mm

Number of rollers: 12

Number of plates: 2

Base material: steel

Roller material: nylon

Gasket material: Aluminum

Roller length: 67 mm

Net weight: 2.4 kg x 4

Load capacity:> 150 kg

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