6 inch industrial wheel 152mm Mcnam wheel 8 polyurethane roller (load 150kg) ROHS

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The Nexus series McNum Wheels has introduced a new 152mm bearing 45° caster that uses a patented support structure in the driven wheel set to provide greater ground flexibility. The wheel hub uses one-piece molding technology to maximize the strength, stiffness and precision of the entire wheel. You can implement forward, horizontal, oblique, rotation, and combinations. It is a perfect all-round McNam wheel designed to provide a full range of transportation platforms: such as limited space for transportation, narrow working environment, improving the efficiency of transportation support, increasing space utilization and reducing labor costs.

Diameter: 6 inch (152mm)

Width: 89mm

Number of rollers: 8

Number of sheets: 2

Body material: stainless steel

Roll material: Polyurethane

Liner material: Aluminum

Roll length: 77mm

Net weight: 2.3kg*4

Load capacity: 150KG

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