4 Inch 100mm double plastic robot omnidirectional roller bearing ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: OW021
Availability: 999

The Nexus Series 100mm 90° omnidirectional wheel offers a maximum load capacity of 15kg. Two roller bearings are embedded in each driven sheave, and the improved omnidirectional wheel product consists of a polyurethane wheel and an aluminum hub. At the same time with a variety of mounting sizes available to meet the user's various application needs.

Product specification:

Diameter: 100mm

Axial width: 35 mm

Number of discs: 2

Number of rollers: 18

Body material: nylon

Roller material: polyurethane

Roll diameter: 19mm

Roller Bearings: Ball Bearings

Center Bearing: Ball Bearing

Net weight: 0.45kg

Load capacity: 15 kg

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