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3D printing

3D printing
Description:The RPLIDAR A3M1 is the next generation of 360 degree 2D LIDARs. Each RPLIDAR A3 can take up to 16000 samples of laser ranging per second thanks to its high rotation speed. The on-board system can perform 2D 360° scans within a range of 25 meters in enhanced mode and 20 meters in outdoo..
INTRODUCTIONNote: SLAMTEC MAPPER M1M1-360°Laser Mapping Sensor TOF 20m is available to pre-order.Estimated time of delivery: SeptemberSLAMTEC MAPPER M1M1-360°Laser Mapping Sensor TOF 20m is a new laser range scanner category with built-in mapping and localization feature.Slamtec Mapper, a new laser ..
Technical Parameters:Operating temperature: 10℃~30℃Storage temperaturePrinting size: 125*125*165mmPrinting layer thickness: 0.025mm/0.05mm/0.1mmPrinting speed: 35mm/h (Z axis)Minimum feature size: 0.3mmMachine size: 296*275*453mmPacking size: 245*245*410mmProduct weight: 8kgProduct gross weight: 17..
Description:The RPLIDAR A2 is a sleek, indoor, 360 degree 2D LIDAR. Each RPLIDAR A2 can take up to 8000 samples of laser ranging per second thanks to its high rotation speed. The on-board system can perform 2D 360° scans within a range of 12 meters (18m with a bit of firmware adjustment). Additiona..
Thickness:0.05~0.3mmMaterial diameter:1.75mmXY axis positioning accuracy:0.01mmZ axis positioning accuracy:0.002mmTends to consumables:PLA/TPU etc.Nozzle diameter:Standard 0.4mmMachine size:590*460*575mmMachine weight:32KGPackage Size:740*560*720mmPackage weight:40KGForming size:350*250*300mmprintin..
Product description:1. Molding:DLP light curing surface molding process2. Available materials: supporting independent research and development of photosensitive series, such as photosensitive resin, casting resin, light curing wax, ect. more material colors selected,such as white, emerald, red, ora..
Product specification:Molding process: DLP light curing surface molding processFormable materials: supporting self-developed series of photosensitive materials, such as photosensitive resin, casting resin, light-cured wax, etc.;more material color options, such as white, jade, red, orange, transpa..
Product parameters:Machine weight: 17kgNozzle diameter: 0.4mmForming size: 150-140*140mmLayer thickness: 0.1-0.3mmPrinting accuracy: 0.1-0.3mmMachine size: 432*395*418mmSupporting material: PLA, TPUMaterial diameter: 1.75mmPrinting speed: 10-150mm/sOperating system: Windows linux MacSupporting file..
Work area:900x600mmLaser tube power:80-100wMachine weight:310KGZ-axis height:230mmMachine size:1500x1105x1040mmMaximum engraving speed:1000mm/secPower Specifications:220v,50Hz,Single-phaseAverage/maximum power:700w/1000wCooling method:Cooling systemStandard features:Red light positioning system,Aut..
Product parameter:Layer thickness: 0.1-0.3mmMaterial diameter: 1.75mmXY axis positioning accuracy: 0.011mmZ axis positioning accuracy: 0.0025mmConsumable preference: PLA, ABS Nozzle diameter: standard 0.4mmMachine size: 480*365*420mmMachine weight: 15.5kgPacking size: 580*460*510mmPacking weight: ..
Product parameters:Nozzle diameter:0.4mm/0.8mm/1.0mmForming size: 500*400*600mmPacking size: 1015*940*1340mmLayer thickness: 0.05-0.30mmPrinting speed: 10-120mm/sPlatform material: Black Diamond PlatformSupporting file format: STL, OBJ, G-CodeSupporting material: PLA, ABS,etc.Machine weight: 96.78k..
Product parameters:XY axis positioning accuracy: 0.013mmZ axi positioning accuracy: 0.003mmPrinting size: 240*220*200mmPrinting layer thickness: 0.05-0.3mmNozzle diameter: 0.4mmPrinting method: USB or U disk offline printingConsumable type: PLA, ABS, TPU, etc.Consumable preference: PLAConsumable di..
1. Printing technology: Melt Stacking (FDM);2. Fully enclosed chassis, stable and safe, beautiful and stylish;3. Forming size: ≥240*220*200mm;4. Forming platform material: Aluminum plate heating platform, heating temperature ≥ 110 degrees; magnetic suction structure, easy to remove the model;5. For..
Discharge method: hot melt extrusion moldingForming method: Three-dimensional moldingPrint range: unlimitedSpinning speed: adjustableTemperature: 80℃-195℃ AdjustableEquipment working voltage: 5V 2ANozzle diameter: 0.7mmComsumable diameter: 1.75mmCompatible with high and low temperature dual mod..
Support 3D printer teaching materialsDiameter: 1.75mmSpecifications: 0.6kg/volumeDensity: 1.24g/cm3Melt index: 5g/10min(190℃/2.16kg) or betterTensile strength is at least 65MpaBending strength is at least 87Mpa1 year warrantySafety specifications provide effective safety inspection report copies wi..
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