127mm high load aluminum alloy omnidirectional wheel (with keyway) ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: OW022
Availability: 999

The (5 inch) 127 mm omnidirectional hub is unique because they can roll freely in both directions. The omnidirectional wheel is a design designed for wheels that can move in any direction. It is a series of conventional wheels attached to its surrounding rollers. These rollers have the axis of rotation of the wheel with an angle of rotation of 90°. Each wheel applies a force to the platform at 90°C to the wheel's axis of rotation. The synthesis of vector forces for each wheel causes any rotation of the platform in any direction.

Main feature:

Diameter 5 inches (127 millimeters)

Axial width: 18mm

Number of boards: 2

Number of rollers: 10

Body material: aluminum alloy

Roller material: nylon

Roller Bearing: Bearing Roller

Roller diameter: 30mm

Net weight: 860 grams

Load capacity: 80 kg

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