10 inch stainless steel Mcnam wheel 254mm bearing universal wheel (4 pcs) ROHS

Brands DAGU
Product Code: OW042
Availability: 999

The Nexus series McNam Wheels introduced a light-loaded 254mm 45° caster with two rolling bearings embedded in each driven sheave, precision machining and control the small axle shaft clearance in a very small range, especially suitable for For a variety of small robot drive applications. Designed to provide more efficient services to customers with limited space and limited access.

Product specification:

Diameter: 10 inch (254mm)

Width: 98mm

Number of rollers: 12

Plate number: 2

Body material: stainless steel

Roller material: polyurethane

Gasket material: Aluminum

Roller length: 92mm

Net weight: 6kgx4

Load capacity: 500KG

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