100mm aluminum omnidirectional wheels single 90° aluminum wheel ROHS

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Product Code: OW032
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The omni wheel rolls like a normal wheel and is almost frictionless and laterally gliding (it can't slip when turning). Applying this kind of omnidirectional wheel can make your robot turn steadily or build a complete power transmission system. Each omnidirectional wheel can operate independently, with multiple wheels and a compact layout providing extra mobility.

Integral aluminum body, omnidirectional wheel is more solid, more negative pressure, more durable. The monolithic omnidirectional wheel is significantly more flexible and easy to handle. Using a variety of high-precision processing technology combined (wire cutting, laser cutting, stamping, etc.), so that the omnidirectional wheel truly lateral movement, flexible and smooth, perfect realization of the omnidirectional wheel sports performance.

According to the user's needs, it can meet the specific load and design.

Diameter: 100mm

Body material: aluminum alloy

Net weight: 0.25kg

Roller material: aluminum alloy

Roller length: 29.5mm

Large number of rollers: 6

Small wheels: 6

Number of bearings: 32

Load: 5kg


Unmatched 360-degree maneuverability and rotation features, including lateral movement and diagonal shift

Unique fixed direction

Simple and stable installation

Solid and durable structure

Monolithic omnidirectional wheel suitable for conveyors


Based on omnidirectional wheel technology, suitable for service robots, trolleys, transfer conveyors, suitcases, etc., omni-directional wheels will provide perfect performance that can replace integrated or conventional wheels.

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